Andrew DuBrock writes and edits instructional guitar books, videos, and articles; he transcribes and engraves music for publication; and he writes, performs, and records music for soundtracks and instructional publications.

Whether you’ve discovered Andrew through his work at Acoustic Guitar magazine, his recent books and videos, or  his “vintage” Beatles instructional videos, this is the place to find out more about other music instruction- and performance-related products or services that are right for you.

Visit the Instructional Media page to learn more about Andrew’s books, videos, and articles. Visit the Music Services page if you’d like to find out about his transcribing, engraving, or recording services. To send a message or to receive information on recommended new releases from Andrew and the many music companies he works for, visit the Contact page. Visit the Clients page to view some of Andrew’s previous and current clients.

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